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Flexi-Fit 3/4" FPT Rubber Threaded Spigot Seal (Quantity 1)

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    The Flexi-Fit FPT Rubber Threaded Spigot Seal makes it easy to install a 3/4" spigot on your rain barrel.  No need to worry about using silicone or some other adhesive, the Flexi-Fit FPT Rubber Threaded Spigot Seal creates a water tight seal and can be used with any spigot that has 3/4" male threads.

    PLEASE NOTE: Only ONE (1) threaded seal is included. The product picture is meant to show what the seal looks like from the front and side. 

    *Requires a 1-1/4" hole saw for installation.

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    1. parts for my rainbarrel

      I have been able to obtain the correct parts for my Earth Minded rainbarrel each time one is needed. The site is easy to use and parts are reasonably priced. Shipping is fast and inexpensive. on 26th Oct 2017

    2. unique product

      well thought out, it works and saves a lot of hassles. Quality material, so they should hold up well. on 5th Oct 2017

    3. Great product!

      makes easy work of putting together your own barrels on 5th Jul 2017

    4. very useful and good qualty for rain collection system

      I have bought this third time for my expending of rain collection system. The quality is good and easy to install. You cannot buy this in such a low price with good quality. on 29th May 2017

    5. GREAT SEAL!

      I was having a problem getting a good spigot seal, but this solved the problem. on 4th May 2017

    6. I love my rainbarrel

      I have used very little city water for my plants and flowers since I've had my rain barrel But last year I noticed water leaking a little bit around the spigot. This year when I set it up, I realized the faucet gaskets were worn out. I was so happy to find them available from a local company and at a good price. They came fast after I ordered and now my rain barrel is set for another few years. on 24th Apr 2017

    7. Best option

      For years I have been trying to find an easy solution to converting plastic drums and large water tanks into usable remote water sources. I had been resorting to using plumbing materials to allow for the release of rainwater that I could collect. Installing the flanges and piping were always a challenge because of the limited access points.

      Using the threaded spigot seal allowed me to install the needed plumbing in less than a minute. Simply drilled a hole and then inserted the seal and then screwed in PVC piping. Now I can set up more water collection sites and meet the watering needs of my many gardens and fruit trees
      on 11th Apr 2017

    8. faucet gasket

      Great product works fine on 10th Apr 2017

    9. This is exactly what my rainbarrels needed to restore them and make them just like new. So glad to find these parts available without buying a kit that included parts I didn't need. They arrived quickly, were reasonably priced and easy to install.

      Above on 6th Apr 2017

    10. Perfect just what I have been looking for

      These are great for making rain barrels. I couldn't find any locally so I tried rainbrothers. Excellent service, fast shipment and a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Rainbrothers. on 7th Mar 2017

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