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Grundfos SBA-3-45-A Automatic Pump

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    The Grundfos SBA is the perfect solution for a simple, reliable, and quality cistern and rain harvesting tank pump. By far the best performing and most user-friendly pump we have ever sold, this cistern pump is our best selling pump to date. A complete all-in-one 1 horsepower submersible pumping unit, the SBA pump eliminates the need for a pressure tank or external pump controls. Simply plug the Grundfos SBA into a 115v dedicated outlet and your system will be operational.


    Built to your needs

    Many installers and home owners want simple but reliable pump solutions that require only a minimum of changes to the original installation.The SBA is literally a plug-and play solution. Once installed and connected to the piping, all you need to do is switch on the pump. The result is a reliable solution and greatly reduced installation costs.

    SBA Features and Benefits:
    • Noiseless operation: The SB pump emits no noise when submerged and is therefore a noiseless alternative to non-submersible pumps.
    • High reliability: The SB pump is built from composite and stainless-steel materials which are resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, the pump has a stainless-steel strainer which prevents large particles from entering the pump housing.
    • Integrated protection: The pump offers thermal overload protection.
    • Suction strainer: The SBA-3-45-A model has a suction strainer wrapped around the pump base to protect the pump from solid particles larger than 1mm.
    • Simplicity: All-in-one unit
    • Easy installation: No external pump controller
    • Integrated dry-running protection
    • Lifting eye

    You may also need:

    • Pitless adapter -- Pitless adapters allow homeowners to install and remove pumps from outside the tank. In other words, when you incorporate a pitless adapter into your rain harvesting tank, cistern, or spring tank, you don't need to drain out the tank and crawl inside in order to pull the pump. Contact us for any questions related to installation -- we're happy to help!


    View Grundfos Specification Brochure here.




    Max head: 147 feet
    Nominal flow: 13.2 GPM
    Max flow: 25 GPM at zero head
    Max depth: 32 feet
    Water temp: 32-104° Fahrenheit
    Inlet/Outlet: 1" NPT
    Power cord: 45 feet NEMA
    Warranty: Grundfos Limited Warranty. 24 months from installation or 30 months from date of manufacture.




    5GPM @ 52 PSI

    8GPM @ 50 PSI

    10GPM @ 42 PSI

    13GPM @ 38 PSI



     Need help determining which pump to get? Consider reading our Pump Buying Guide.

    Shipping is only $10 for continental U.S. orders!  International, Alaskan and Hawaiian orders will be charged an additional shipping charge, depending on the order size and address, after an order is placed.


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    1. Simple installation, works flawlessly

      It was as easy to setup and run as described. on 3rd Jul 2017

    2. Easy Set Up

      This pump was perfect for novice like myself to install in my rain water cistern. Straight forward, simple instructions. on 29th Sep 2016

    3. Powerful plug-and-play Pump for Rain Cistern

      We purchased this pump for use in our home rainwater cistern in North Carolina. The pump is very easy to use and is plug-and-play. The pump is very well constructed (Danish design and made in Italy). We plan to connect this to a pressure tank in order to limit the power on-off cycling on the pump.

      The pump was shipped immediately by rain brothers and their customer support was excellent. We chose rain brothers over other vendors precisely because of their expert customer service. We highly recommend them!
      on 3rd Aug 2016

  • Product Videos

    • Easy Cistern Pump Installation for Rain Harvesting Tanks
      In this video, we detail how to install our new plug-and-play ...

    Easy Cistern Pump Installation for Rain Harvesting Tanks

    In this video, we detail how to install our new plug-and-play Grundfos cistern pump. This pump, unlike traditional pumps, does not require a pressure tank, tank tee kit, or pressure switch to operate -- it just sets into your tank, plugs into a dedicated 115V circuit, attaches to your pump supply plumbing, and is ready to use. For more information, please visit our website at or
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