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DIY Rain Barrel Construction and Installation Kit (w/ Downspout Diverter)

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     Note: If ordering bulk quantites of this kit (20+) please contact us for the best price on shipment to your location!

    Note: The flexible fill hose included with the DIY Rain Barrel Construction and Installation Kit is no longer 3 feet long. It has been replaced with a 31-inch accordion-style hose which cannot be cut to length, but can be extended to the desired length for installation.

    We at Rain Brothers, LLC have been designing, constructing, and installing rainwater harvesting systems -- both residential- and commercial-scale -- in the Ohio Region for nearly a decade, and we have used virtually every rainwater downspout diverter on the market. With the diverters on the market, there are recurring problems, including:
    1) Difficult installation
    2) Insufficient inlet size into the barrel/tank
    3) Insufficient overflow, causing diverter to back up drainage
    4) Working only with the smallest downspouts (i.e., 2"x3")

    Our new DIY Rain Barrel Construction and Installation Kit addresses these issues and offers a thoughtful, high-quality, affordable solution.
    For under $30, you get:
    *Three hole saws for drilling/installing valves and downspout diverter (2-1/8", 1-1/2", 1-1/4)
    *3/4" gate valve/garden hose spigot for connection to irrigation hose
    *3/4" drain nipple with cap for quick draining of barrel, linking barrels, or adding a second valve
    *Two threaded rubber grommets for water-tight and easy installation of valve and drain plug
    *1-1/2" rubber grommet for water-tight inlet into tank/barrel
    *31" of flexible hose to link barrel/tank to downspout diverter
    *Rubber "Flexi-Fit" downspout diverter choose either Rectangular (2"x3", 3"x4"downspouts) and Round (3" or 4" round downspouts). Click here for more information on the Round Downspout Diverter.
    *One "do not drink water" label for your new rainwater harvesting system
    *A winterizing cap for quick and easy winterization of your downspout.

    Flexi-Fit Downspout Diverter installs in three easy steps:

    1) Drill hole in downspout (hole saw included in kit).  For 2"x3" downspouts, drill hole in front of downspout.  For 3"x4" downspouts, drill hole in the side of the downspout (3" side).  Ensure hole is level with inlet on barrel.  Click here for more information on the Round Downspout Diverter.
    2) Insert diverter and fasten diverter to downspout with included self-tap screws
    3) Attach fill hose to diverter and into barrel, and start collecting rain!

    Installation Guide




    Shipping is only $3.50 per kit for U.S. orders!  International orders will be charged an additional shipping charge of $10-$20, depending on the order size and address, after an order is placed.


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    1. So simple to install!

      This was exactly what I wanted and it was installed in less than 20 minutes with no fuss at all! I love it. Bring on the rain! on 13th Jun 2016

    2. downspout kit

      quick delivery,good instructions,and a very reasonable I just need some rain! on 5th Apr 2016

    3. So simple, it's scary!

      Installation of this kit is so simple, it's scary! I knew for certain that if it were this easy, I had to have screwed up something! Everything in the kit is well made, the great instructions are thorough and complete with illustrations. Great stuff! on 24th Mar 2016

    4. Great product!

      This is a no brainer, buy it! Works great! Very easy to install. I used the diverter this past year and had zero problems with it. Just bought two more kits because I like it so much! on 25th Feb 2016

    5. Easy to Install!

      We were very pleased with the ease of installing the four Rain Barrel diverter kits we installed. The instruction sheet was clear and complete with great illustrations covering all options. We had food-grade sealed barrels and had searched for some time to find the right type of kit to convert them into rain barrels. Now we are just waiting for rain to see if the diverter lives up to it's claim to fill the barrel then allow excess water to divert back into the downspout automatically. on 22nd Feb 2016

    6. So glad we found this product!

      My husband and I enjoy DIY projects, but neither of us is super handy, so things do not always go super smoothly, and rarely very quickly. Bolstering our courage to install a rain barrel, we were looking for easy to execute ideas. We came across this kit. It was way less expensive than most systems available, and it was so easy to install, even we made it look simple. on 3rd Feb 2016

    7. Easy Peezy !!!!

      I am all thumbs and this was super easy, Outstanding product. on 2nd Dec 2015

    8. Not yet installed, but everything we need

      Arrived in excellent time. All components present. Installation will have to wait til spring, but instructions look clear and no problems expected. Was pleased to see that there is a way to install the spigot even though the barrel doesn't have a removable top, only two "bung holes" in the top. Ingenious. So far, very satisfied.
      Would give it a 5 but want to see it installed.
      on 30th Nov 2015

    9. super simple...

      As promised the installation was super easy. It probably took me longer to find my cordless drill than it did to install the components. I especially like the downspout diverter. So much easier to install than the big plastic diverters from the big box stores. It's definately easier to drill a hole in the spouting then it is to remove and cut for the diverter to fit. The kit has been set up and working for a couple of weeks. Now we just need more rain...

      Thanks for a great product
      on 28th Sep 2015

    10. Super Duper Product!!!

      Everything you need all in 1 package.... So easy to install a caveman could do it!!! Great directions also!!!! A+++++++++++++Product!!! on 11th Sep 2015

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