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UV Pure External Purge Valve

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    Sites that contain high iron and/or other minerals may precipitate out of solution as a result of a gradual rise in water temperature due to low or no flow. While this happens rarely, if it does, the Hallett Purge Valve is recommended.


    • Purge Valve is controlled by a temperature switch
    • If water remains stagnant within the Hallett unit for extended periods of time, the temperature of the water will eventually rise, set off the temperature switch and open the valve to allow water to flow. 
    • If there is constant water usage through the Hallett unit, the Purge Valve will not open. During extended periods of no water usage, approximately 1-2 liters (0.5 gallons) of water will be run to drain periodically.
    • Prevents precipitation of minerals and metals during periods of low flow
    • Does not waste water – its operation is based on temperature only, and is not set on a timer that will dump water whether it is needed or not. 
    • Low water usage – flow restrictor is installed within the assembly itself.
    • Can be easily installed to a branch line since a 5/8” compression is provided for quick connection. 1/4” tubing is provided to run to a drain line.
    • Purge valve complete with compression fitting and flow limiting device (6 Watt max.)
    • Temperature switch (set at 30° C) 
    • AC adapter (24VAC output)
    • 1⁄4” tubing 
    • Silicone thermal transfer paste 
    • Cable Tie
    Operating Voltage: 24Vac – Adapter provided
    Operating Pressure: 1 to 150 psi /10.34 bar
    Operating Temperature: 180°F, 82°C
    Coil Wattage: 5 Watt
    Response time: 5 seconds
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