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20-Gallon Well-Rite Pressure Tank, NSF Certified

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    Pressure tanks are HIGHLY recommended if a pump is being installed with your rainwater harvesting system.  Pressure tanks should be installed downstream from a pump and are manufactured to hold air pressure against an internal bladder that expands when water enters (from pump).  The air pressure then holds the water pressure -- the bigger the pressure tank, the more water held at pressure.  The pressure tank will then reduce the frequency at which the system's pump turns on -- instead of the pump turning on every time a tap is opened, the water draws first from the pressure tank bladder.  Pressure tanks, therefore, prevent short-cycling of pump operation, help extend the life of the pump, and help hold pressurized water reserves in case of pump failure.  20-gallon pressure tanks are a perfect and affordable size for most applications.  However, if you are relying on rainwater for your sole water supply, you may want to consider upgrading to a larger-sized pressure tank.


    *Our 20-gallon pressure tanks use stainless steel connections to avoid the lead leaching concerns. 

    *All tanks are post-cured before assembly, to eliminate the possibility of odors from the tank.

    *Tanks are NSF approved under standard 58, and CE approved under the PED (pressure equipment directive), because of these approvals our tanks carry the appropriate markings and can be used everywhere in the world.

    *Maximum working pressure for our 20-gallon pressure tank is 125 PSI. 


    • Tank: 16-gauge cold rolled steel
    • Finish: Appliance-quality paint for indoor or outdoor installation
    • Water chambers: Top chamber is 100% butyl rubber, lower water chamber is copolymer polypropylene
    • Connection: Stainless steel
    • Testing: High pressure, seam weld, helium, final precharge check
    • Air valve: Brass valve with O-ring seal
    • Warranty: Five year


    For consumer brochure, tank warranty, and more information click here.

    Looking for a larger pressure tank?  Contact us today for a personalized quote.  We offer pressure tanks up to 119-gallons, but the freight cost on large tanks is often prohibitively expensive.  Call or email us to discuss your options!


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