​Cape Town Water Crisis: Diverted, for Now

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Cape Town Water Crisis: Diverted, for Now

Have you heard the story about the town that ran out of water for its residents? It’s a true story that just happened. What you might not realize, though, is that the tale of the Cape Town water crisis might be repeated in a city near you sooner than you think.

Water Everywhere? Not Anymore

Let’s talk about water. CNBC points out something that Americans are just beginning to understand; drinking water is a finite resource. While 70% of the world is made up of water, only 2.5% of it is fresh water that we can consume. It would be easy for you to scoff at these numbers – it’s easy here to turn on the tap and fill up a glass. But the rest of the world and parts of the U.S. are already facing severe drought conditions causing water shortages.

Take the case of Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is a bustling, modern urban port city of four million people. This past year, Cape Town almost ran out of water. The reservoirs remain close to dry and severe water rationing is occurring everywhere – from homes to hotel rooms. The region has been in the midst of extreme drought conditions that threaten to collapse the economy and turn the region into a disaster zone.

Today, residents of the region are consuming only one-sixth of what you and I normally consume every day. Due to intensive conservation, Cape Town is predicting Day Zero, or the day when there will be no water for residents to be just about one year away.

Why Should Cape Town Matter to Us?

As the population increases, our access to fresh water is declining. CNN quotes a geographer and climate expert as saying, “The situation of Cape Town is almost a foretaste of what is likely to come in cities worldwide.” A changing climate is expected to cause everything from extreme drought to severe flooding. Weather patterns are evolving and humans will face the consequences of these changes, no matter what they may be. Water is something that Americans generally take for granted, however, there are two regions of the country that have felt the effect of our global water shortage already:

With all the signs pointing to freshwater shortages in the near future, what is the answer for the average homeowner seeking an insurance policy to protect their family from drought conditions?

Rainwater Harvesting is the Answer

Rainwater harvesting, the practice of capturing free rainwater from your roof, is a smart way to stretch your well or municipal water supply. Rain Brothers is in the business of helping homeowners and businesses learn to apply this practice. It’s a smart way to conserve water while reducing utility bills. Contact us to find out more about using rainwater as a resource.