​Top Three Reasons to Invest in an Off-Grid Water System

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Top Three Reasons to Invest in an Off-Grid Water System

A lot of us dream about living off the grid, not paying water or electric, maybe tying into a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. Maybe you like to picture packing up and heading off in an RV. Or you scroll through pictures of cool tiny homes and imagine life simplified.

Our residential and commercial customers realize some of that dream when they decide to invest in an off-grid water system. These systems can be very easy and inexpensive to install and they make use of a natural resource that’s all around us.

Let’s look at off-grid water systems as one way you can begin to realize your dreams of life in balance. Why should you invest in an off-grid water system?

Rainwater Harvest for Off-Grid Living

Water is everywhere. Rain Brothers can help you harvest it in an off-grid system such as a cistern. A cistern is simply a storage tank for holding rainwater. Usually, we capture the rain easily from the very roofs we live under. Then we design and build the cistern and add pumping features to get the water where it needs to go. We can also design the cistern as a gravity-fed unit that takes no electricity or set up a pumping station that you can hook to solar panels. Finally, if you want to use the rainwater harvest indoors, we can add filtration features to clean the water and make it potable.

But why would a family or a business owner decide to install an off-grid system? What are the benefits of having these systems installed?

Top Three Reasons for Off-Grid Water

#1 To provide a back-up to a primary water source.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says more than 13 million people in the U.S. rely on private wells for drinking and other indoor uses. Wells tap into naturally occurring groundwater. But they can eventually run dry so homeowners use their rainwater harvest and off-grid water system to supplement and extend the life of their existing well. Too, off-grid water systems can be installed to water vegetable and flower gardens. Rainwater is healthier for the plants but also eliminates the cost of using the municipal water supply.

#2 To stay prepared for drought or other calamities.

The federal government tracks drought conditions across the U.S. As of the writing of this article, 22.6% of the U.S. is currently being impacted by drought. Having an off-grid water system is an insurance policy for times of water shortages.

#3 To lessen the drain on municipal water supplies and cut costs.

Many of our residential and commercial customers add a rainwater harvesting system as a way to cut their township or municipal water bill. Installing an off-grid water system is also an environmentally friendly way to reduce the drain on these shared resources while lowering costs.

Adding an off-grid water system has all kinds of benefits. We’ve found that these units easily pay for themselves. Plus it gives you peace of mind in knowing you’re doing something positive to conserve a natural resource.

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