What's a UV Water Filter?

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What’s a UV Water Filter?

The sun can purify. That’s how a UV water filter works; it’s a filtration system designed to clean water of its impurities. It’s a good way to clean up rainwater and remove the microorganisms that aren’t killed by the chlorine found in city water.

This article explores the concept of a UV water filter. Could this device help clean up rainwater and make it safe for human consumption?

How Does a UV Water Filter Work?

UV stands for ultraviolet, which is a type of light energy from the sun found on the electromagnetic spectrum somewhere between x-rays and visible sunlight. It’s the UV rays that cause sunburn; if your body doesn’t absorb enough UV though, you can get a vitamin D deficiency.

The right amount of UV light can kill all kinds of bad bugs, like salmonella, viruses, giardia, and a whole lot more. A UV water filter works by harnessing the ultraviolet rays of the sun and reflecting it into the water supply to kill the bacteria that is harmful to humans if ingested.

Under the right conditions, a UV water filter can destroy up to 99% of all the bacteria your water!

Benefits of a UV Water Filter

A UV water filter has a number of benefits over other methods of water purification:

  • First, it’s much safer for humans to drink non-chlorinated water.
  • Second, it’s more environmentally friendly. There are no disinfection byproducts that go into the environment.
  • Third, it is a relatively inexpensive way to clean water because it uses very little electricity
  • Fourth, a UV water filter can kill up to 99.9% of the microorganisms in the water.

However, there are a number of things to keep in mind when using a UV water filter.

For example, the water must be clear for the filtration to reach throughout the water tank. If the water is cloudy, the microorganisms will bind to the floating particles so the water may not purify.

A UV water filter only can kill bacteria at one point in the water supply; it doesn’t work downstream, just where it is applied. Too, the UV water filter will need to be monitored for its performance; along with testing the water to be sure the purification system is still working.

Rainwater Harvesting and a UV Water Filter

While it may not seem like it during the spring rainy season, much of the world is now contending with drought conditions. Rainwater harvesting is one way to help alleviate the drain humans place on the existing water supply, whether a well or city water. Our customers harvest rainwater as part of their off-grid water supply, or to irrigate their lawns and gardens with a free water source.

A UV water filter system can provide an added step to purify either an off-grid water supply or even city water, which has a number of chemicals as well as bacteria that isn’t affected by all the chlorine.

Contact Rain Brothers to talk about using a UV water filter as an environmentally-friendly way to make your water a little safer for human consumption.