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DIY Rain Barrel Construction and Installation Kit (w/ Downspout Diverter)

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    Note: If ordering bulk quantites of this kit (10+) please contact us for discounted bulk pricing and best shipping quote! 

    Note: The flexible fill hose included with the DIY Rain Barrel Construction and Installation Kit is a 31-inch accordion-style hose which cannot be cut to length, but can be extended to desired length for installation.

    We at Rain Brothers, LLC have been designing, constructing, and installing rainwater harvesting systems -- both residential- and commercial-scale -- in the Ohio Region for nearly a decade, and we have used virtually every rainwater downspout diverter on the market. With the diverters on the market, there are recurring problems, including:

    1) Difficult installation
    2) Insufficient inlet size into the barrel/tank
    3) Insufficient overflow, causing diverter to back up drainage
    4) Working only with the smallest downspouts (i.e., 2"x3")

    Our DIY Rain Barrel Construction and Installation Kit addresses these issues and offers a thoughtful, high-quality, affordable solution.
    For under $30, you get:

    *Three hole saws for drilling/installing valves and downspout diverter (2-1/8", 1-1/2", 1-1/4)
    *3/4" garden hose spigot for connection to irrigation hose
    *3/4" drain plug with cap for quick draining of barrel, linking barrels, or adding a second valve
    *Two threaded rubber seals for water-tight, easy installation of valve and drain plug
    *1-1/2" rubber seal for water-tight inlet into tank/barrel
    *31" of flexible hose to link barrel/tank to downspout diverter
    *Rubber "Flexi-Fit" downspout diverter choose either Standard (2x3" downspouts), 3x4" Rectangular, or Round (3" or 4" round downspouts). Click here for more information on the Round Downspout Diverter.
    *A winterizing cap for quick and easy winterization of your downspout.

    Flexi-Fit Downspout Diverter installs in three easy steps:

    1) Drill hole in downspout (hole saw included in kit).  For 2"x3" downspouts, drill hole in front of downspout.  For 3"x4" downspouts, drill hole in the side of the downspout (3" side).  Ensure hole is level with inlet on barrel.  Click here for more information on the Round Downspout Diverter.
    2) Insert diverter and fasten diverter to downspout with included self-tap screws
    3) Attach fill hose to diverter and into barrel, and start collecting rain!

    Installation Guide


    Shipping is only $2.30 per kit for U.S. orders!  International orders will be charged an additional shipping charge, depending on the order size and address, after an order is placed.


    Installation Video


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    1. Installation Was As Easy As Promised

      The kit contained everything as adverted. Previewing the installation video made field work easy. My downspout was ribbed, so I didn't get a completely flush fit from the diverter. But, that didn't seem to effect performance. With the first rainfall, the system functioned perfectly. on 10th Aug 2018

    2. Perfect!

      Exactly what I needed, I got a free rain barrel from my city and it came with a terrible diverter that requires you to cut your down spot off. This product keeps your down spot in tact! on 27th Jul 2018

    3. Easy to install, great product

      Came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Followed the video and i was up and running within 20 mins. Good quality product and the water doesn't leak from anywhere. on 6th Jul 2018

    4. Collect FREE soft water

      I've installed four of these kits now. Tried others but this model seems to be the easiest to install/maintain and its most effective in catching the water. on 5th Jul 2018

    5. Just as easy to install as promised!

      I delayed and delayed setting up a rain barrel until I found this kit. Even as an inexperienced user of power tools, a careful reading of the directions helped me set up the system in maybe half an hour. It's attractive and unobtrusive, and filled up fast. They seem to have thought of everything! on 28th Jun 2018

    6. Downspout Diverter Kit - An Excellent Product

      The Downspout Diverter Kit is an excellent product. My neighbor and I were looking for a way to repurpose some barrels into rain barrels. After doing some research on line and visiting numerous hardware stores we were quite frustrated in trying to obtain everything required for a downspout diverter as well as hardware for the barrels. We live in Canada and could not find everything we needed in one complete package. Yes, there were diverter kits available for purchase in our hardware stores but the list of extras we would have to purchase for the conversion of the barrels was starting to add up. Then we stumbled upon your product – the Downspout Converter Kit and it had everything we needed to install the diverter into our downspouts, as well as convert our existing barrels - so we ordered the product and within 4 days our kits were received. We set to work one evening shortly after receiving the kits and in 15 minutes we had 2 functioning rain barrels – it was so easy to install. In addition to receiving an excellent product we also received exceptional customer support from the Rain Brothers Company. Thank You! on 22nd May 2018

    7. This kit has it all!

      I've purchased close to 2 dozen kits so I can install them in rain barrels that I sell at cost to encourage rain barrel use in my community. Making this many, I appreciate how well and how quickly the kits go together. And, people who buy the barrels love the way they attach to the downspout and how well they work.

      I read recently, that it is estimated that a typical rain barrel saves up to 1200 gallons of water a season in the northeast. It also prevents that much water from washing down the street, into the ditches and waterways. These kits seriously encourage conservation.
      on 2nd May 2018

    8. 4.5 would be more accurate; 5 but for a single issue.

      The instructions are absolutely EXCELLENT. Pretty much no-fail. Tools are included, not to mention that any phone calls are answered and returned by helpful HUMANS, makes this NEAR perfection. Been using these diverters for 3 years and likely will buy again (I still have 3 wasted downspouts!)

      My ONE issue is the set-up at the spigot and leaking at both the washer and where the spigot attaches. After one summer, it leaked a bit and I had to turn it upside down and barely touch it when opening or it would leak again. As of now it's doing well again with a new application of thread tape and some silicone. Thread tape alone worked but only temporarily. Everything else is just so perfectly functional about this that really sticks out for me and it should be improved. I'll be installing a second one in a closed top in the next few weeks so we shall see. May the stock spigot set-up function better than the first one!

      When my barrels have lids or a large top opening (3/4 of mine do), I just go the more secure route and use a bulkhead from the farm store. That's impossible with closed top because you have to have a pipe wrench inside to tighten bulkheads.
      on 17th Apr 2018

    9. Really good and easy except for one thing

      Our sewer bills have skyrocketed and are based on water usage, whether or not it is used inside (toilets, showers, cooking, etc.) or outside (gardens). So I figured on setting up a rain barrel for garden usage. Barrel cost only $15, and the kit about $30 after taxes and shipping. Very good instructions. The only part I had a very, very hard time with was inserting the tube from the downspout into the barrel. Tried heating it, vaseline, etc., and ended up using the ol' standby duct tape. After the first rainstorm the barrel filled up to the top! So I really do recommend it and will probably set up another, but maybe if I insert the tube before putting the fitting in barrel it might work better. on 8th Apr 2018

    10. best deal out there

      Easy to install, simple instructions, and all the parts you need in one package. No other package I have seen has it ALL, and the bigger packages that include a barrel are way overpriced. The only things you don't get with it are the barrel and the rain. They delivered to Canada with speed too! I will buy again. on 13th Aug 2017

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