45 gallon Earthminded Rain Barrel in Terra Cotta

EarthMinded RainStation 45-Gallon Rain Barrel (Terra Cotta)

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    Free Delivery for residents within Metro Columbus, Ohio!  Unfortunately we cannot ship rain barrels outside the Central Ohio area.  

    Note: this rain barrel comes with its own installation kit and downspout diverter, no need to purchase separately!

    The RainStation™ Rain Barrel is a simple-to-use and attractive rainwater harvesting solution for residential applications. Our mid-sized, 45-gallon rain barrel connects to your downspout and automatically collects rain from your home's roof.  Made from 30% Recycled Content.  Manufactured in Canada.

    The RainStation™ features:

    • Mid-sized 45-gallon capacity
    • Flexifit™ Downspout Diverter -- diverts first 45 gallons into your rain barrel and channels excess water back through your downspout
    • Hole saw included, installs in minutes (see our Installation Video for more details)
    • A large opening lid with locking feature for safety
    • Sealed system keeps out mosquitoes, pests and sunlight
    • Durable construction HDPE with UV inhibitor, for years of trouble free use
    • Three color selections: Terracotta, Granite, and Charcoal
    • Dimensions 33.5”H x 24”Diameter (Slightly tapered)


    Installation Guide




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    1. Good value, good service, couple of issues

      Overall good product. It came with everything you needed to install it, even the hole saw drill bits. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. It's still new to me and we've not had a lot of rain yet, but it seems like it will work for what I want. I don't plan to use it with a hose, just a watering can.
      Couple of issues that are manageable - first the spigot is really cheapo and leaked where it connected into the gasket. I had plumbers tape and put a few wraps of that on there and it fixed it. Secondly, the connection into the downspout was easy to install and seems to work fine, but to remove that whole thing to winterize it is going to be difficult.
      on 13th Aug 2020

    2. Saves a lot in water bills

      Prompt delivery. Easy to install, with clear directions. I gave it a 4 out 5 because of a small leakage around the gasket at the drain and the cheap plastic water faucet. Looks good and fills fast with a small amount of rain. The water is saving my garden this summer and also saving me money on my city water bill. on 10th Jul 2020

    3. Excellent. Planted lettuce on top and its 2ft tall!

      Easy installation, they even provide the drill bit in the kit. Works perfect. I have had the rain barrel for a few months and no leaks. The top planter holds 5 lettuce plants and theyre growing like crazy. on 9th Jul 2020

    4. Good idea; leaky design.

      I'm giving this product 3/5 stars because it accomplishes about 60% of what it's supposed to. That is, it is easy to install and it fills up with water when it rains. There 2/5 that this product does not accomplish are retaining this water without leaking. Both the faucet and drain leak. The drain leaks not just at the gasket, but also from the actual plastic drain that gets screwed in. I'm currently working on sealing the barrel with silicon. I love the idea, but either I got a dud or some additional thought needs to go into ensuring that this barrel holds water. on 19th May 2019

    5. great product that comes with the parts you need (mostly)

      This was a seamless transaction. We ordered with the conservation rebate voucher which was applied online and our barrel was delivered to our doorstep in days. It came with all of the parts and even a drill but and two correctly sized hole drilling bits. Anyone who has had to run to the hardware store while installing something will appreciate this. Only thing we did not know to look out for was that it comes with a diverter fitting for a smaller square downspout and not the larger round downspout. We had to drop everything in the middle of installing it to order a new part, but it could have been worse. I also would have like more info on and a better selection of stands for the barrel. Overall, however, we're very happy with the product. on 28th Jun 2018

    6. Love It!

      Quick delivery and attractive! I plan to purchase a couple more soon. So easy to install I was able to do it myself before my husband got home from work. I was impressed how quickly it filled. My lawn and flowers will sure appreciate this during the hot summer months during water use restrictions. on 20th Jun 2018

    7. Quick delivery, easy install!

      I received my barrel quickly, and the installation was super quick. Thanks so much for a great (American made) product! on 31st May 2018

    8. I already have a love/hate relationship

      I love this product. I love what it was made to do. I think it is a wonderful investment and I'm very happy that I got it. The only downfall for me is that I didn't realize how high I'd need to mount it in order to get the water to run through a hose. I elevated it on cinder blocks thinking that would do the trick but it didn't. Now it is already attached to my downspout and I can't use a hose with it. The directions should have suggested filling it with water before drilling any holes to be sure that it would suit your needs. Lesson learned. on 23rd May 2018

    9. Service

      We haven't installed this yet, but Rain Brothers' service was excellent - great communication throughout ordering process and delivery. on 24th Mar 2017

    10. Just one rain so far

      Some water getting through into the yard
      Was looking for a tighter fit to help with drainage problem I am having
      on 26th Jul 2016

  • Product Videos

    • EarthMinded RainStation Rain Barrel Installation Guide
      Installation video for the do-it-yourselfer RainStation custom...

    EarthMinded RainStation Rain Barrel Installation Guide

    Installation video for the do-it-yourselfer RainStation customer. This how-to video goes through the ins and outs of installing your EarthMinded RainStation Rain Barrel. Visit http://www.rainbrothers.com or http://store.rainbrothers.com to order your RainStation today, or for more information.
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