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Flexi-Fit Diverter Winter Cover

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    Easy winterization for your Flexi-Fit Downspout Diverter.  Before the cold weather hits, simply take your Flexi-Fit Diverter out of the downspout and place the Flexi-Fit Diverter Winter Cover over the diverter hole and fasten with 2 Philips head screws.  When the warm weather returns, unfasten the screws, remove the winter cover, reinsert your Flexi-Fit Diverter, and you're back to catching the rain!

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    1. Perfect

      Very easy to install. Perfect fit. on 20th Oct 2020

    2. good product

      Very satisfied with product and service. on 9th Aug 2019

    3. Replacement Part

      We lost the original and this works just fine. Like the lower price too. on 20th Nov 2018

    4. Great Option to have available

      I love the simplicity of adding a cover to the downspout diverter. Although I have not been able to see how well it operates when in use, I do love the concept. However, I do wish that it had a better way to latch onto the diverter. It is easily removed - almost too easy - and seems subject to falling off with a squirrel or bird's curiosity. on 19th Sep 2016

    5. A must for winter

      This is an easy to slip on hole cover for those using the flexible water diverter using the same hole diameter during rain barrel season. Just pull out the diverter, and insert the cover.

      Makes sense to pull out the diverter during winter when freezing is a danger to eliminate concern about ice back up in the downspout. It also spares the diverter winter wear and tear, so it's good to go next spring. I drain my barrels, and seal 'em up with the diverter and water feed pile inside so I know exactly where to find 'em in spring. I also cut a small piece of PVC pipe with the same diameter of the hole where water feeds into the barrel, and put a pvc cap over pipe to seal the barrel completely in off-season.

      While there are screw holes to give the cover a more permanent mount, I've not had to use screws on aluminum downspouts, the little catch points grip good enough in my case.
      on 1st Dec 2015

    6. Good product

      Even though haven't gone through winter yet, design seem solid. on 22nd Sep 2015

    7. Rainbarrels delight !

      I'm sure my neighbors have wondered how I can so easily transform a mear barrel into a very
      efficient rainbarrel, actually 3 rainbarrels. Your products are what makes it so easy.
      Even for a girl !
      on 30th Dec 2013

    8. Winterize Accessories

      Love everything I have gotten from you and always amazed at how fast I get it. I think I have always gotten it the next day after I place an order. The winter cover were super easy to install. on 19th Nov 2013

    9. rain barrel accessories

      Have been TOTALLY pleased with all the rain barrel accessories I have purchased from your Company. Everything fits as advertised and I would recommend your products to anyone. on 29th Sep 2012

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    Simple, best way to connect rain barrel to downspout: Downspout diverter Introducing Rain Brothers' new automatic downspout diverter and DIY rain barrel kit for use in creating your own rainwater harvesting system. We at Rain Brothers, LLC have been designing, constructing, and installing rainwater harvesting systems -- both residential- and commercial-scale -- in the Ohio Region for over eight years, and we have used virtually every rainwater downspout diverter on the market. With the diverters on the market, there are recurring problems, including: 1) Difficult installation 2) Insufficient inlet size into the barrel/tank 3) Insufficient overflow, causing diverter to back up drainage 4) Working only with the smallest downspouts (i.e., 2"x3") Our new diverter addresses these issues and offers a thoughtful, high-quality, affordable solution. For under $30, you get: *Three hole saws (for drilling/installing valves and downspout diverter) *3/4" gate valve/garden hose valve *3/4" drain nipple with cap *Two threaded rubber grommets for water-tight and easy installation of valve and drain plug *1-1/2" rubber grommet for water-tight inlet into tank/barrel *3' of flexible hose to link barrel/tank to downspout diverter *Rubber "automatic" downspout diverter (works with 2"x3", 3"x4", 3" round, and 5" commercial downspouts) *One "do not drink water" label for your new rainwater harvesting system For more information, check out our website (, or click our youtube profile to see our complete DIY rain barrel construction/installation video.
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