SPP Automatic Submersible Cistern Pump

Strom Automatic Cistern Pump (Alternative to Grundfos SBA)

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    Simple to install, simple to use

    This convenient and energy-saving pump is a cost-effective alternative to the Grundfos SBA submersible pump. Like the SBA pump, the Strom Bottom Suction Cistern Pump is equipped with an automatic on/off function and does not need an external pressure switch to operate. All you need is 115v GFIC protected power and the pump does the rest! Wire pump direct to panel or a dedicated GFCI outlet and plumb it directly to your house supply, hydrant, or irrigation system. Simple operation from an internal flow and pressure switch turns the pump on when pressure drops (i.e., when a valve opens) and turns the pump off when flow stops.

    The stainless steel housing with the built in motor flow inducer allows for long term and safe operation in water from depths of 9 inches to 150 feet. 

    This pump comes in 3/4HP and 1HP. PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend using the 3/4HP pump if you are wanting to supply water to a residential structure (house, cabin, barn, etc.). We only recommend the 1HP pump for commercial installations or irrigation installations where high flow rates and high pressure are required. Please see the pump performance curve below to narrow in on the right pump for your application.

    The Strom BSP pump does require some elasticity somewhere in the plumbing for the pressure/flow switches to operate most efficiently. If you are using this pump to run directly to a garden hose and then to a sprinkler system, then the elasticity of the garden hose is sufficient to fulfill this requirement. However, for most applications, our supplemental 2-gallon pressure tank is recommended and encouraged for extending the life of the pump.   

    We suggest pairing this pump with the Strom Floating Intake Filter, which brings water into your pump from just below the surface, where water is of highest quality in the tank.

    Built-in run-dry protection

    The Strom BSP will automatically shut down if it detects the absence of water, ensuring that the pump motor stays protected in run-dry scenarios. To reset the pump once water is back in the tank, simply unplug the pump and plug it back in (if wiring the pump to an outlet) or turn off the breaker supplying power to the pump and turn it back on after 15 seconds. 

    If you would like to have the pump turn on automatically when water is back inside the tank, simply add a normally open float switch to your order, and we will pre-wire it to the pump for you.


    Models: BSP007PF (3/4 hp) BSP010PF (1 hp)

    4” Noryl® Impellers
    304 Stainless Steel Housing
    .75 and 1 Hp Motor
    2 Wire, 115 volts, 60 Hz
    1in. NPT Outlet
    Minimum operating depth: 9“
    Maximum operating depth: 150’ 
    Dimensions: 36" tall (can be made shorter by removing black plastic pump base that comes pre-attached to pump body)
    Pump Body 3.8” dia.
    Optional Bottom Riser 4.8” dia.


    Installation of our pumps in underground tanks


    If you're unsure which pump is right for your application, check out our Pump Buying Guide!

    Click here for the Strom BSP Product Manual

    Visit our Design Library for FREE commonly requested rainwater collection systems! Itemized price lists for components of each system are linked next to their respective plans.

    *Fixed shipping applies to continental US orders only. For international orders, please email us for a shipping quote.


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    1. Installed to water horses in unheated barn

      WE needed a cistern pump for our barn that could be installed eliminating the risk of freezing in southern Ohio. Our barn is not heated so all piping and pump had to be installed in cistern and underground, using a tank was not an option. The pump has worked as expected however it would be nice if we could lower the water pressure without interfering with the operation of the pumps pressure/flow switch. on 4th Oct 2019

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